Calling all union members

please take this letter to your next union meeting and use it to gain support for the No to Nato Scotland Coalition.

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No to Nato Scotland Coalition

Contact via Peace and Justice Centre, St Johns Church, Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 4BJ

11 August 2012

 Dear Sister / Brother

The SNP leadership is proposing at its October 2012 conference to reverse the party’s policy of staying out of NATO; a move completely at odds with the SNP’s long-standing principled opposition to nuclear weapons and aggressive wars. NATO is a nuclear-armed alliance with over 5000 nuclear weapons. Other European NATO members have found that NATO membership ties them in to the nuclear club –it’s not likely that Scotland’s experience would be different. Since the end of the cold war NATO has expanded its scope well beyond the North Atlantic to engage in expeditionary wars on a world scale. It remains committed to a policy of possible nuclear first strike.

The No to Nato Coalition involves organizations and individuals, including SNP members, who believe that a future Scotland should be nuclear free.

We are writing to ask for your support for the campaign. Among other things that could mean:

  1. Affiliate to the coalition – email your support at
  2. Sign the No to Nato Scotland Statement also at
  3. Write to your local SNP MSP or Councillor and ask them to support the amendment at the SNP conference which will commit the SNP to remaining outside NATO in a future independent Scotland.
  4. Make a donation to support the campaign – send cheques payable to Trident Ploughshares to the above address.

  5. Invite a speaker from the coalition to your next meeting.

Yours sincerely

Leonna O’Neill and Pete Cannell on behalf of the NO to Nato Coalition

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