Call for Constitutional Rejection of NATO

No To NATO Coalition Scotland   -Press release: 7th October 2012

Members of the No To NATO Scotland Coalition have warmly welcomed the news that Alex Salmond is proposing that the constitution of an independent Scotland should include a ban on nuclear weapons, while calling on the SNP leadership to follow the logic of that principled stance and reject membership on the NATO military alliance.
The Coalition has also welcomed the emergency resolution passed at the Scottish Green National Conference proposing a constitutional ban not only on nuclear weapons but on membership of any nuclear armed alliance.
Leonna O’Neill of Faslane Peace Camp said:
“Setting the constitutional framework for the illegality of Trident is a welcome step.The SNP should be applauded for that, but it does nothing to address the issue of Nato membership. Scotland plays host to various Nato military exercises and two Nato satellite facilities that are essential for foreign war operations. Joint Warrior, the biggest Nato naval exercise in Europe, is currently being hosted by the west coast of Scotland.An independent Scotland will gain nothing from Nato membership other than repeated moral concessions and military demands.”
Jane Tallents of Trident Ploughshares said:
“In recent years we have been urging the SNP and the Scottish Government to make a strong statement about the illegality of Trident and this proposal for a constitutional ban is a clear step in that direction. Alex Salmond’s welcome proposal makes his stance on NATO ever more strange and puzzling. The SNP’s commitment to the removal of Trident is becoming clearer and stronger but until the leadership abandons the wholly contradictory idea of sheltering under NATO’s nuclear umbrella the suspicion of nimbyism will remain. Even at this late date a hand-brake turn by the SNP leadership signalling rejection of NATO membership would be applauded across Scotland and the whole world.”
Murray Dickie, an individual coalition member from Stirling, said:
“The NATO war Afghanistan still is associated with large losses and injuries amongst military personnel on both sides and incomprehensible losses of civilians, a large proportion of them innocent women and children. NATO wars have been riddled with military incompetence, disgraced by criminal behaviour, associated with substantial damage to economic infrastructure, lacking in any meaningful exit strategy and leave countries concerned in a far more insecure state than they were in the first place. NATO is part of the problem, not part of the solution!”
The Coalition is planning to be present outside the SNP National Conference and especially during the debate on the defence proposals scheduled for the afternoon of Friday 19th October.



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