No To NATO Scotland Coalition Looks Forward

The SNP may have voted at its recent conference to switch to a pro- NATO policy but the question of an independent Scotland’s membership of the alliance has not gone away.

For one thing, the vote was very close and many SNP members have spoken out strongly against NATO at the conference and later. We applaud the principled stance of the two MSPs, Jean Urquhart and John Finnie, who resigned over the issue. We also know that there are many SNP members and activists who are appalled by the outcome, who recognise the serious damage that has been done to the party’s reputation and who will work for a reversal of the decision.

The issue is also more widely alive as people across the country and beyond hammer out their vision of what an independent Scotland might be like. There is a job to be done in making quite clear just how harmful NATO membership would be to a country hoping to play a peaceful and constructive role in the global community. The No To NATO Scotland Coalition is willing to play its part in that work by continuing to do what it can to keep the vision of a peaceful and peace-loving Scotland to the fore.

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