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Sunday Herald  7 October Scottish constitution would ban nuclear weapons

Scotsman  7 October Nuclear weapons should be banned from independent Scotland, says Alex Salmond

Scotland on Sunday 7 October Andrew Wilson: SNP must aim for a meeting of minds on Nato membership

STV  7 October Constitution to ban nuclear weapons in Scotland proposed by SNP

The Telegraph 7 October Independent Scotland would ban nuclear weapons but join Nato

Ekklesia  7 October Scottish Greens say ‘yes’ to independence, ‘no’ to NATO

Herald  5 October Anger in SNP over time for debate on Nato

The Times Scotland 5 October  SNP’s Nato U-turn ‘is embarrassing’

Scotsman  5 October Protest over SNP vote on reversal of Nato policy

Scotsman  4 October Scottish independence: Arctic threat to Scotland ‘makes Nato vital’

BBC Scotland 4 October Anti-Nato campaigners deliver message to Holyrood

Getty Images  4 October  Faslane Peace Camp Activists Demonstrate Outside The SNP Headquarters Over The War In Afghanistan



Scotsman  25 Sept Swinney and Neil voice support for Nato U-turn before party showdown

Herald 18 Sept SNP should not formulate its Nato policy on the basis of opinion polls Letters

Telegraph 18 Sept Separate Scotland would have ‘paltry’ defence budget

Herald 17 Sept   SNP nuclear tangle grows

Scotsman 16 Sept Drumlanrig: Nato assault course for battling Brown

Daily Record  16  Sept SNP’s independence chief Nicola Sturgeon says it’s time to talk about the big picture

Scotsman  12  Sept Brian Wilson: Singing from the same song book

Herald 10 Sept Germany’s U-turn reinforces argument against Nato  Letters

The Telegraph  10 Sept Jim Sillars: SNP a ‘totalitarian’ and ‘intellectually dumb’ party

Scotsman  7 Sept ‘SNP’s Nato case is falling apart’, claims Nationalist MSP

Ian Hamilton’s Blog   THE SNP AND NATO

Sunday Herald  2 Sept Nato debate does not mean a U-turn   Letters

Scotsman  1 Sept Tom Miers: SNP Nato turnaround is morally defenceless


Scotsman  30 August   Michael Kelly: No place in Nato without the nuclear option

Herald 28 August  October conference will be the crunch for SNP on Nato policy   Letters

Scottish Times  27 Aug Divisions grow within SNP over Nato policy U-turn

Herald 27 August Scotland would be a far safer place out of Nato than within it Letters page

Scotsman 27 August Lesley Riddoch: Loyalty test may be a wonky strategy

Daily Record 27 August Salmond caught in fallout of his ‘no nukes’ NATO bid by George Galloway

Scotland On Sunday 26 August Robin McAlpine: Nato policy must serve the nation, not US corporate interests

Scotland On Sunday 26 August Scottish independence: SNP faces showdown over anti-Nato policy

Sunday Herald 26 August SNP and Nato: battle stations by Tom Gordon




Morning Star 26 August SNP anti-nuke activists say no way to Nato alliance

BBC News 25 August CND group urges SNP not to make Nato U-turn

STV news 25 August Anti-nuclear campaigners vow to block SNP policy switch on Nato

Herald 25 August SNP leaders hit back at critics of Nato U-turn plan

Daily Record 25 August SNP is split over whether to ditch their historic commitment to leave NATO

Herald 24 August Government whip backs party’s CND group

ISG blog 24 August No to Nato coalition pressure SNP leadership

Scotsman 24 August George Kerevan: Why independent Scotland must stay in Nato

Scotsman 23 August Michael Kelly: Wallace the man to keep the SNP in check

Newsnight Scotland 23 August Interviews with Bill Ramsay and George Kerevan or on YouTube

Herald 22 August SNP’s Nato stance ‘not honourable’ by Robbie Dinwoodie

Socialist Worker online 21 August SNP betrayal over Nato shows up the limits of its nationalism by Angela McCormick

Herald 21st August SNP hit by new Nato rebel

Herald 20th August Threat to SNP policy to scrap nuclear weapons by Robbie Dinwoodie

STV News 20th August SNP Nato U-turn might not spell an end to Trident in Scotland, party warned

Sunday Herald 19th August Nato U-turn should have been expected Letters page

Dundee SNP Blog 15th August MSP’s Support For SNP Conference NATO Motion

Largs and Millport Weekly News 15th August Independence on the back of a fag packet

Scotsman 14th August Scottish independence: Nationalists’ CND group prepares to do battle over party’s Nato U-turn by Andrew Whitaker

Sunday Herald  12th August  Nato-powered independence? No thanks   by Ian Bell

Sunday Herald 12th August Billy Wolfe would turn in his grave   Letters page

Herald 11th August Nationalists must maintain their opposition to Nato   Letters Page

Herald 10th August      SNP rebellion growing over Nato U-turn plan

Scotsman 10th August      Nato protest wins praise

Scotsman 10th August Nato rebels don’t go far enough, says MSP as rifts deepen within SNP

STV News  9th August  Anti-nuclear campaigners protest outside SNP HQ over proposed Nato U-turn

Paisley Daily Express 9th August Protest against SNP Nato proposals

Daily Record  9th August  Anti-nuclear weapons protesters to stage demonstration at SNP headquarters

Morning Star  9th August Nuclear fears as SNP courts Nato


Scotsman 8th August Party groups oppose policy change proposal

Scottish Sun  8th August MSPs take on Alex Salmond in NATO revolt

Herald 7th August    SNP youth wing rejects Nato U-turn

Newsnet Scotland 7th August SNP Youth wing to oppose NATO entry

Scotsman 7th August  Guerrilla campaign plotted by SNP rebels in Nato row

Fife Today 6th August SNP Youth opposes rethink on Nato

Scotsman  5th August Scottish independence: SNP opposition grows over plan to scrap anti-Nato policy

Daily Record  5th August Salmond faces battle over NATO U-turn plans

Fife Today  4th August Nato U-turn ‘sanctions mass murder’

STV News  3rd August Nuclear campaigners accuse SNP of ‘buckling’ over Nato membership

Scotsman 1st August  SNP likely to face ‘sell out’ claims over muddled NATO policy  Eddie Barnes

Scotsman 1st August MSPs silenced on touchy Nato membership issue


Scotsman 31st July       SNP facing challenge over policy on Nato

Scotsman 31st July Procedural hurdles to be cleared before SNP Nato debate begins

Scottish Times 31st July   Controversial plans over Nato policy is a challenge for SNP

Scotsman 26th July Scottish independence: SNP faces backlash over Nato membership

Scotland on Sunday  22nd July Most Scots back Nato, says poll   Coaltion comment: “The poll was carried out as part of SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson’s defence review, the newspaper said.” The exact question used or the other data about this poll has not been released by the SNP so should be treated with suspicion.

BBC Scotland  16th July SNP considers Nato policy change


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