What is NATO?

NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and is a military alliance of 28 states with the United States as the most powerful and influential member. NATO grew out of the North Atlantic Treaty which was aimed at building an alliance to oppose the Communist states, like the Soviet Union and China. It now has given itself the job of defending the interests of Western powers wherever they see them under threat.

NATO says that it acts to maintain the safety of its members but in practice that usually means acting for Western power and economic interests . For nearly eleven years it has been fighting the war in Afghanistan and was also involved in the conflicts in Bosnia and Iraq.

NATO has nuclear weapons as a key part of its policy and it is important to understand that these weapons are not just for use in case a member is attacked by nuclear weapons. NATO is prepared to use nuclear weapons first.

Joining NATO means joining a nuclear weapon alliance. If your state does not have nuclear weapons, it means you are happy that other members of the alliance are ready to use them to commit mass murder on your behalf.

Joining NATO means joining up with one particular gang in the playground of world politics. There are of course other gangs equally determined to protect and advance their own interests. Joining a world gang means you have little or no chance of standing up for sane worldwide co-operation based on justice and equality.


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